Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown

Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown

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Kaze (風): is the Japanese word for wind.

Kanji Kaze Belts (Light-gi fabric competition belts). 
As the name suggests, the 'Kaze' series is the lightest premium Jiu-Jitsu belts. It is light, but 
incredibly durable, yet soft enough to stay tied under most conditions.They are also even lighter than our ‘Katana’ model. 

As with all Kanji Premium Belts, a considerable amount of research and development went into creating the ‘Kaze’ series. The blend of lightweight, durable Gi-fabric has quickly made them one of the preferred choices for Jiu-Jitsu competitors.


Belt Details:

• 100% High-quality cotton.
• Made with high-quality Pearl Weave.
• Embroidered labels.
• Maintains color longer than standard belts.
• Superior durability over standard belts.
• Stays fastened for longer.
• Available for custom embroidery.

Kaze Size Chart:

*Kaze is half size longer than Original and Katana belts

It can be 1-3inches different from the size chart.

A0 24 - 28 100
A1 28 - 31 110
A2 31 - 34 115
A3 34 - 37 123
A4 37 - 39 135
A5 39 - 42 145


Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown
Kanji Premium Belt 'Kaze' - Brown

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cyril Obrowski
! 1x purple 1x brown 2x black Belt

Hello, the product is not cheap, the postage is very high - but the belts were delivered quickly and look great.
the personal embroidery has become very beautiful.

4 belts and one of them with personal embroidery! 1x purple
1x brown
2x black

therefore I would like to recommend the company to others! Top.

Good customer service

I didn't expect that it will take almost 2,5 weeks for them to ship the belts and I contacted them via email to change the address from US to Indonesia. Thank God they can help me change the address without extra charge!
There's a bit difference on my customized belt, my purple belt used to be without one of the characters

Kyle Martin
Not the best

Kinda disappointed with this version of the belt. The gi material is nice and light, but I think it’s too thin and starts to curl when it gets wet. The degree bar is already unraveling and the Kanji logo is crooked. I wouldn’t recommend the Kaze version.

Kevin B
Next Promotion

Haven't been promoted yet, but I have the older version and I already like how much lighter this one is... I also learned to order a size down. Perfect!

Lukas Froiland
Recommended by a friend

Great belt, Highly recommend!