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At Kanji Brand, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality custom belts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. But don't just take our word for it - see what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with our products and service
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Hi quality and very durable belt

I just bought my brown belt and i stayed faithful to this brand because they delivered quality and craftsmanship.
My black belt will surely be a kanji.

Amazing belt

I am wearing Kanji since my purple belt and I am so delighted with the quality and the beauty of my new black belt now. I have also order some belts to offer and everybody is happy.

P.S. : The broidery is stunning

Size A3 Gi Fabric Black Belt

Wow- i’ve had this built for two weeks and have gotten tons of compliments on it. People really like to look, and I really like to feel. Kind of hard to describe it – it’s soft, but it still kind of stiff? If that makes sense. In my opinion, the size leans a little bit long, for the normal scale… Like an A3 length, seems a little more like an A3 and a half length. Other than that, super high-quality belt. You won’t be sorry when you order yours!

No answer from them.

Ordered the wrong size, emailed them a dozen times, no answer from them. Customer service sucks.

Level up!

I have trained jiu jitsu for 23 years now. By far this is my favorite belt I have ever worn. The quality, the fit, the feel and the way it looks are far superior to anything I’ve ever worn! When you level up! I highly recommend this product!!

Good quality and flexible!

Good quality and flexible!

KAZE [Light-Gi Fabric]
Simon Tschernij
Excellent belt

Excellent belt , good quality

KATANA [Gi Fabric]
Robert Andi
Great Quality!

This belt has the perfect amount of stiffness for me. It came a day early.

custom Katana belt

Great quality and love the belt. I was also surprised at how quickly the belt arrived internationally. I will definitely buy others in the future from Kanji brand and regularly get compliments on this belt! Thanks!

Amazing belt

I love this belt and the feeling is so good thank you so much

KATANA [Gi Fabric]
Paul Eblacas
Kanji katana blackbelt

Great fit and quality material. Super satisfied with my purchase. Definitely I'll buy another belt. Thanks Kanji brand. Oss

Achat ceinture violette

Je suis très content de la qualité de mon achat, la ceinture est très jolie et de qualité.
Cela dit je suis mécontent car j’ai commandé une broderie sur la ceinture que je n’ai pas eu…

KATANA [Gi Fabric]
Alejandro Garcia

Korea to Mexico in 2 days awesome treatment and quality!

Excelente cinta!

Excelente calidad, se ve genial con el bordado, está un poquito más ancha y gruesa que las comunes, en fin, si es cara pero vale la pena.

Item Customizations
Rupert Burton-Towell
Embroidered Belt

Paid a premium price for what was described as a premium brand. Speedy international delivery, unfortunately very poor product for the price. Kanji brand even confirmed that the stitching(see picture) should NOT be like this at all. After replying to one email of mine asking for replacement, I have been ignored. Not happy, this was a gift for my professor. I will certainly not be buying any future belts from Kanji.

Good product, fast delivery to UK!

The black belt (A2) was bought as a gift, two weeks before Xmas. It arrived on 21.12! Perfect! The quality is good; it's much heavier than a normal belt. It will be used for special occasions, not for everyday training.

Alway superb 🙏

had a few belts from Kanji and they are off superior quality.. no shrinkage when cold washing like I’ve had with her belts in the past.

Can’t recc enough

A special one

It is a really good stilish belt with a delicated termination and a beautiful sentence ,one I believe in.
Totally recomended.

Item Customizations
Don’t order here, incompetent

Ordered two belts, both embroidery wrong. Asked 2 weeks ago for refund, no answer.

KATANA [Gi Fabric]
Don’t order here, incompetent

Ordered two belts, both embroidery wrong. Asked 2 weeks ago for refund, no answer.

Don't order here, incompetent

Ordered two belts, both embroidery wrong. Asked 2 weeks ago for refund, no answer.

Item Customizations
Fernando Suarez
Bad work

I paid for this belt 101 dollars, from the factory it already came to me in the part of your brand, a pity I do not live in the USA I am from Argentina and I will soon return to my country.

Despite that, I want to highlight the material of the CLASSIC belt is very good! And the sewing in Japanese letters as well.

Really beautiful!

Professor loves it. Super nice material and beautiful embroidery.



cinturón de lujo

grandísima calidad un precioso regalo
encantado con el servicio y la calidad del cinturón