Product Information

Discover everything you need to know about Kanji Brand belts before making your purchase.

Material: Crafted from 100% cotton, our belts are both durable and long-lasting. However, the cotton may cause shrinkage of 2-5 inches (6-12 cm) if machine-washed or dried. For best care, hand-wash and hang-dry to maintain the belt's integrity.

Size & Weight: Belt lengths vary by size, and weights range between 13-15 oz based on size. Please be aware that measurements are approximate and can slightly vary. Here are the belt lengths for each size:

A0: 246cm (96.85 inches) / A1: 266cm (104.72 inches) / A2: 282cm (111.02 inches) A3: 300cm (118.11 inches) / A4: 322cm (126.77 inches)

A0: 248cm (97.64 inches) / A1: 265cm (104.33 inches) / A2: 285cm (112.20 inches) A3: 305cm (120.08 inches) / A4: 333cm (131.10 inches)

A0: 255cm (100.39 inches) / A1: 275cm (108.27 inches) / A2: 297cm (116.93 inches) A3: 318cm (125.20 inches) / A4: 333cm (131.10 inches)

Belt thickness: average 0.7cm (0.27 inches)

Belt width: average 4.8cm (1.88 inches)

Customization: Choose between Arial and Rotterdalle font styles for your embroidery on either the logo-side, bar-side, or both. We offer embroidery in Japanese, English, and Korean, but can cater to other recognizable computer-written languages. Thread colors available are gold, black, white, and red, with a maximum of 30 characters for custom phrases.

(For clear visibility, it's recommended to use under 20 letters)

For inquiries, reach out to us via email or Instagram DMs. We're here to assist!


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