Product Information

Welcome to the Product Information for Kanji Brand! Here, you'll find all the details you need to know about our belts before making your purchase.

Our belts are made from 100% cotton, making them durable and long-lasting. However, please note that due to the cotton material, the belts may shrink between 2 - 5 inches (6 - 12 cm) when machine-washed (regardless of water temperature) or machine-dried. To avoid shrinking and to maintain the integrity of the belt, we recommend hand-washing and hang-drying only.

The length of our belts varies by size and the average belt weight is between 13 and 15 oz, depending on the size. Here are the belt lengths for each size, please note that these measurements are approximate and subject to slight variations, and also the length may be affected by shrinkage (2-5 inches or 6-12 cm) when machine-washed and machine-dried:

  • A0: 246cm (96.5 inches)
  • A1: 266cm (104 inches)
  • A2: 282cm (111 inches)
  • A3: 300cm (118 inches)
  • A4: 322cm (126.5 inches)
    Also, the thickness of our belts is 0.7cm (0.27 inches)

Please note that the belt length can be affected by shrinkage when machine-washed and machine-dried, so it's recommended that the belts be hand-washed and hang-dried to preserve the proper length.

We offer two font styles for customization: Arial and Rotterdalle. Embroidery is available on the logo-side and bar-side, or you can choose both options for double-side embroidery. Language options include Japanese, English and Korean, but we can accommodate other languages as long as they can be written and recognized by computer. Thread color options include gold, black, white, and red. The maximum number of characters for a custom phrase is 30.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or Instagram DMs. We're always happy to help.

Thank you for choosing Kanji Brand!